Residential Real Estate

Real estate transactions involve large amounts of cash and come with a level of inherent risk. Anyone undergoing a residential real estate transaction should have a qualified attorney behind them. Whether you are buying or selling, it is important to seek legal counsel from a real estate lawyer like Affar Baksh.

When you decide to work with the firm, that can provide you with all your needs and represent you in front of lenders, escrow agents, and all other parties involved in your residential real estate transaction, you will have peace of mind.

A critical element to a successful residential real estate transaction is having the right amount of experience and expertise spent negotiating on your behalf. How would it make you feel to not have to worry about all the details and complex formalities that accompany your residential real estate process. Law Office or Affar Baksh will simplify your home deal so that you can buy and sell with the utmost confidence and security.

Attentive, and knowledgeable legal counsel is required to successfully close residential property transactions. At every corner turned, there is the potential for mistake, danger, fraud, and plain old deception. Eliminate your chances of getting caught in a bad deal by contacting the real estate attorney offices of Affar Baksh.

Real Estate Law is all we do!

The extensive expertise of Real Estate Attorney Affar Baksh crosses numerous boundaries. Our teams comprehensive knowledge and experience will be able to assist you in all matters related to Real Estate in New York.