Lender Settlement Agent Services

Whether you are a small credit union, large multinational bank, or specialty lender, you are safe with us. As a financial institution, your interest need to be protected. When we evaluate contracts, we are analyzing things from the perspective of you, the lender. You want to be sure that money is transferred through the proper channels, and so much more. The Law Office of Affar Baksh is here to cross the t’s and dot those i’s that someone may have overlooked. Your mortgage transaction should never be held up over misunderstandings, missing documents, or fraudulent practices.

Affar Baksh has been representing banks and lending institutions as Settlement Agent. When closing any mortgage, you need to be absolutely certain that everything is above board. As your settlement agent, Affar Baksh will go the extra mile to ensure your transactions are completed in the proper and most efficient manner.

A trustworthy and reputable law firm like ours can guarantee that your financial institution is not put in jeopardy due to negligence. Let us protect your flow of capital so you can worry about more important matters.

Even banks need lawyers, and maybe even more so than most companies. This can prove to be extremely valuable to your institution. As the lawyer to your bank or other lending organization, we will always have your best interest in our hearts. We like to say, “Time Flies When Having Fun”. We truly love what we do and are ready to take care of your needs today!

Real Estate Law is all we do!

The extensive expertise of Real Estate Attorney Affar Baksh crosses numerous boundaries. Our teams comprehensive knowledge and experience will be able to assist you in all matters related to Real Estate in New York.