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Affar Baksh is uniquely qualified to handle all your real estate law needs.

How would It make you feel to work with an astounding attorney that has closed over hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions. Everything from residential real estate to settlement services can be handled by the Real Estate attorney Affar Baksh.

Simply the best at New York Real Estate Law.

Affar Baksh has been recognized as a leading attorney in the real estate industry. Being well known with a reputation for success means that Affar has the connections to make sure you close the best deal possible.

Incredibly client driven and results oriented.

Your time is very valuable. The phrase, “Time is money”, is beyond true. Affar Baksh prides himself on delivering exactly the results that you seek. After analyzing your specific situation, the process of developing a detailed strategy to get your desired results begins.

Innovative when necessity, practical when required.

Sometimes you require an innovative solution to your unique dilemma. That’s what Affar Baksh is here for. By coming up with unique ways to navigate the legal landscape of the real estate industry, Affar has made a well-recognized name for himself.

Technology also helps. As a professional real estate attorney, only the most sophisticated real estate softwares and technology will be used during your case.