Water Readings

In New York City, water charges automatically become a lien on property when billed (which is every three months). This means that once you are the owner of property, you become responsible for all water charges relating to that property whether or not you were the owner of the property when the water consumption occurred. Because of this, water charges can create issues at your property closing unless certain precautions are taken in advance of your closing. These precautions not only prevent the Purchaser from receiving an unexpected large water bill for a period from which they did not own the property, it also allows the Seller to make sure they were not overcharged by the Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”), the agency responsible for billing and mantaining water meters in New York City. The reason water charges are so tricky is because water charges are based on actual consumption, so it is hard to estimate water charges without an actual reading, and even after an actual reading, New York City has the right to adjust for older water charges, regardless of who the current owner of the property is. In order to prevent water charges from becoming an issue [...]

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What is “Time of The Essence” In a Real Estate Contract?

What does “Time of the Essence” mean? When used in a contract, places the other party on notice that failure to close by the closing date as set forth in the contract of sale will constitute an incurable breach. When a contract is time of the essence, the parties to that contract are obligated to strictly comply with the terms of the contract, which means they are required to close on that specific date. In general, a contract is deemed time of the essence only if one of the following conditions are met: 1) contract explicitly states so; or 2) or one of the parties has, upon proper notice, unequivocally declared it to be time of the essence. Generally, once time is of the essence is established, it is of the essence for both parties, and either party is entitled to enforce such a provision.   When a Contract Explicitly State So: When time of the essence is explicitly stated, performance on specified date becomes a material element of the contract, and each party must tender performance on that day. Failure to perform by the date designated in the contract constitutes a default under the contract. Just because a contract [...]

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10 Important Issues to Look Out For in a Real Estate Transaction

For a more general explanation of the Real Estate Process please see the Buying & Selling page of our website. Once your offer is accepted on the purchase of your new home, your attorney will receive a real estate purchase contract which will be provided to you for review. When reviewing the contract, here is a list of some items you should be sure to look out for. 1. Legal Property Description-What are you buying The legal property description is the only way to accurately detail the exact piece of property you are buying. A street address alone is not sufficient. This legal property description will set forth the boundary lines of the property along with the block and lot. The legal property description should be attached to the contract in what is known as a “Schedule A.” 2. Earnest Money Deposit vs. Down Payment The earnest money deposit is the amount of money that is given to the seller’s attorney when the contract is signed. It is usually in a large enough amount to show the seller that you are a serious purchaser. The earnest money deposit is placed in the seller’s attorney’s escrow account until closing. The earnest [...]

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Why You Need to Understand the Real Estate Law?

Property owners and the agents need to have a good understanding of the Real estate and property law. This law covers an extensive part of the law and therefore it is advisable that you find Bengali real estate lawyer who can help you understand it. There are different reasons as to why this is important. The tenants to need to know their rights as established under the law so as to make sure they are not in the wrong and also as a measure to safeguard their rights. So what are some of the reasons why you need to understand the real estate and property law?   To Be Able to Solve Landlord-Tenancy Conflicts There are several conflicts reported in Bengali involving the tenants and their landlords. It is important to make sure that these parties live together in harmony. None of them should feel victimized by the other and therefore approach the real estate lawyer to understand your rights is important. In several cases, the tenants don’t know what they should not do, and therefore they land in trouble unknowingly. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law has no defense, and therefore it is necessary to ensure you have some understanding [...]

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How To Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

The whole buying and selling of the houses is a very complicated procedure and it is beyond a layman’s capacity to understand and handle the legalities of the matter. You need to take professional assistance in order to make the deals successfully along with the protection of your rights. Particularly, when you are going to buy a house, you must find a suitable real estate lawyer that can help you throughout the process, assist in documents preparation and ensure trouble-free transaction. Are you going to purchase a house? Want some expert’s help? You have come to the right place. We are here with some tips following which you can find a highly competent attorney.   Start as soon as possible As soon as you start looking for a new house, begin your search for the attorney. You can find a good one if you have more time. On the contrary, finding someone in hurry can affect your choice of attorney and you may end up hiring an average individual. Therefore, you should start finding the lawyer as soon as possible, so that you have ample time.   Go for experienced real estate lawyer Although many young people are pursuing their [...]

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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Buying and selling property can be very demanding. You may think that trading property will go off without a hitch, but problems can come up anytime. What if the deal is clinched and a sellerbacks out from the contract and seeks for another buyer who is being ready to pay higher prices? In this plight, you will need a real estate lawyer. Here are certain situations when you need a real estate lawyer in New York.   When a problem arises regarding a title Title issues commonly arise when trading in a property. For instance, a spouse name cane be on a deed even after divorce, siblings name can be on the deed of an inherited property etc. In these situations, a real estate lawyer can help you to move forward glidingly.   Trading Property yourself You will definitely need a real estate attorney if you are selling and buying a home. Deeds require some technical terms that can't be twigged by you. To ensure that you are signing on legal and fair terms, you will need a real estate lawyer.   Trading involves a contract for deed Signing a contract for deed may end up with a mess in [...]

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