Services Provided For Real Estate Closing

  • Assign an attorney to your file
  • Negotiate the terms of your contract with the Seller’s attorney
  • Sit-down with you and explain the terms of the contract before you sign the contract
  • Order title, Review and Clear all title issues
  • Try to locate an existing survey, if not, Order a Survey
  • Insure boundaries of your property
  • Check home for illegal extensions based on the survey
  • Review and verify your Certificate of Occupancy
  • Ensure that the Seller has a right to sell the property and that there are no open Mortgages, Liens, Encumbrances, Judgments, etc. which would affect the property
  • Ensure that the Taxes, Water and Utilities are current and that there are no outstanding bills
  • Confirm the legal occupancy for your property
  • Check for violations and how to remedy, if any
  • Free Closing Estimate
  • Advise you when to do your termite inspection
  • Advise you when to order your homeowners insurance
  • Calculate your “net proceeds” from the bank and total closing cost
  • Inform you of the amount of the certified check to bring to closing
  • Schedule your closing with the Seller, Seller’s attorney, Bank Attorney, Title Closer and Real Estate Agents
  • Review ALL your mortgage documents at closing
  • Explain ALL your closing figures and HOW and WHERE you spent your money
  • Provide you with a closing statement which will contain copies of all your documents signed at closing and checks issued at closing

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